Giveaway without Auto-Announce Winner?


Is it possible to change the giveaways to NOT automatically announce a winner?

I need to be able to verify the winners before I announce them to make sure they’ve followed all the instructions.

Generally, I really hate automation. I can handle logic on my own. I don’t need the bot to make choices for me that I can make myself.

I just want to be able to

  1. start a keword giveaway
  2. pick and verify a winner, with the ability to re-roll in case the picked entry doesn’t qualify
  3. manual announcement of the winner
  4. export the list of entrants

There doesn’t seem to be a single bot or plugin out there capable of doing all of this without extensive programming involved.

Am I just missing something obvious in a setting somewhere?

Hey @tsundokugames!

No you’re not, this isn’t possible with Nightbot as of now.

I don’t know if or when this will be added as the dev has a lot of work, but I think a way to set something like this would be to pick a winner using /user once a setting is enabled/checkbox is checked (this is for the dev).
You also mentioned the option to export the list of entrants, do you have a preferred format?
Again, no guarantee that it’ll ever be implemented, and if it is that it’ll be the way you want it.

In the meantime, what you can do to pick a winner without announcing it in the chat is to roll a random number.

The random number thing is actually kind of useless to me. I can’t ever see a need for it outside of a little gimmick for fun on the side.

What I need is to run a subsequent giveaways where people have to manually be present to type !enter to join the giveaway, and to be able to export the list of entrants for a master list that will be used for a grand prize where each subsequent entry counts as a ticket for the grand prize draw.

More concretely: this July I am launching my merch store and giving away a tshirt a day all month long. This will be for active users present to enter the draw each day. Each user who enters gets a ticket for the end-of-the-month draw for the grand prize, potentially up to 31 tickets.

My plan was to export each daily giveaway and place it in a master spread sheet, then take that spreadsheet to one of the “wheel of names” apps online for a visual for the main draws.

I know people don’t trust CSV for good reason, but a simple CSV would be just fine for the purposes of exporting.

For the announcement, if there were two buttons on the giveaway screen:

  1. roll = randomly picks a name = useable infinitely
  2. bark = announce the winner to chat once you’ve verified them

I think it would be much more intuitive.

That way, we can start the giveaway, gather entrants, roll and verify, and then announce the winner all with context appropriate controls within the tool’s widget.

I /can/ manually highlight the names in the entry list and export it that way with a shift+scroll and copy/paste … so in the interim that functionality is fine. The major problem for me is the auto announce because there are criteria for winning in a great many cases of giveaways that are more than just “present and accounted for”.

I really appreciate your reply! I am happy to have a chance to give some feedback, and know that the dev’s time is limited. :slight_smile:

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