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GIF emote rejected

I made an animated GIF emote for a streamer I watch. He tried to approve it two times but was rejected. First time the reason was simply having no transparent background. On the second one he explained that the background is needed as context for the emote and he asked BTTV to give some advice how could we modify it to get it approved. It was denied again without any explanation.

Here is the GIF in question:

It’s referencing a game called Star Citizen, the streamers main game. A ship moving through quantum space(the background animation), while the “pilot” is sleeping in the ship cockpit. Basically meaning that the travel is very long with quantum travel. Here is the in-game footage of the quantum traveling, if you are not familiar with the game:

Without the background QT animation the emote’s message is meaningless.
If the transparent background problem is some kind of a technical issue, I can add a line of transparent pixels on the top.
If there’s a problem how the background animation looks, too bright or flashy, etc., I can modify that too.

The streamer’s name who asked for approval is SaltEMike but his original streamer name was Twerk17. I posted this on his behalf.
Please give us some lead to be able to approve the emote. Thank you!

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