Getting a list of all vips

Just like the /vips command on twitch, is there a way to get a list of all current vips, regardless if they’re online or not. I only see command examples of online vips using

I currently have a channel reward of “Remove VIP from a random viewer”. I can at least randomize for online vips, but want to increase it to ALL vips

Hey @gamat!

You can use Twitch’s API for that: Get VIPs.
So far I couldn’t find a third-party API that was offering it without requiring authorization.

I’m going to be a noob and ask how I use Twitch’s API… How do I use Twitch’s API xD Like, does Nightbot have a OAuth token already for Twitch’s API? Or do I have to make a new bot altogether?

You can read an introduction to how night bot uses API here: UrlFetch - Nightbot Docs
It helped me understand the basics a lot more but i am still learning :slight_smile:

You don’t need to make a new bot, have a server that fetches the data whenever you call an URL, and returns it in a way for Nightbot to exploit it. You need to have a server in the middle because Nightbot’s $(urlfetch) doesn’t take headers.

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