Get commands list from another channel via API?

Hey, how would I go about getting a command info from another channel? I don’t want to add or edit any commands, just get what the commands info is.

Hiya, this currently is not possible through the API, unless you let the channel owner login through oauth.

Why not? This seems like something that should be possible

Please refer to our API documentation at

I want to get custom commands from another channel, not from mine!

Hey @thestickman391!

I’ll give you a good reason why getting commands from another channel will likely never be the case: in some commands’ code you can find content that is private and required to run the command properly, such as tokens for example, these shouldn’t be made public in any circumstance, so if one could copy the code of a command from another channel, this would leak all these tokens to the public, which would be a disaster. I hope you understand now why this won’t be a thing. That being said, if you want specific commands, it is likely that a version of it has already been shared on the forum, so use the search function, if you find nothing, feel free to ask, we’ll be glad to help.

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