Gamerscore Command

Is there a command that I can use that will show my Xbox Gamerscore? I know about !xbl but I just want my gamerscore to show up, not everything that !xbl shows.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @darkfirexeno!

You can crop the output like this:

$(eval o=`$(xbl GAMERTAG)`.split(` `); o.length=6; o.join(` `);)
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That’s perfect thank you so much!

Is there any way to make it universal? like so i could do !gamerscore _____ then it it would show the gamerscore for the name typed in? I don’t know if that makes sense or not.

Yes, replace GAMERTAG with $(touser), that way the first word people type after !gamerscore will be taken as input, and if people’s GAMERTAG matches with their Twitch username they won’t need to add an input.

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That’s even more perfect!!!
Thank you so much for the help, I’d been looking all day for exactly this!!!

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