!game is the only command not functional

My other Nightbot commands work however !game doesn’t.

Doing “!game Enter Game to change Game” says @pun1sh3r438 → Undefined

Doing just “!game” says, “Twitch’s API returned an error. Try again later.”

Not a single mention of this issue on any forum/YT troubleshoot video.

Same issue here, wonder if twitch changed their API or something. Hopefully NightDev can get this resolved, makes it hard to change the game for the streamer when the command doesn’t work.

Hey @pun1sh3r438 and @scsa20!

There’s nothing we can do to fix that issue, Twitch needs you to refresh your tokens.
If you’re the streamer, go to nightbot.tv, log out, and then log back in.

This has been covered on these very forums many times, over and over.

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