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I wanted a command that showed how many hours I’ve been playing that game. Not the live hours, but how many hours I’m playing the game at the moment.

Hey @dxllsupremo!

Have a look here:

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But I wanted the command to go live, like “user has been playing Rocket League for so many hours”. understands ?

I see :thinking: I’m afraid I’m not aware of an API that do this yet, though there might be one.
If you find one and you have trouble setting it up, feel free to ask for help, but I don’t have time to look for it right now.
Sorry I can’t be of more help.

to be more exact, I wanted to put the !tempo command and the nightbot would say "user has been playing [such game] for [so many hours]. While I’m live.

You’re still pretty unclear about what you want, but could is possibly be the following command?

!addcom !tempo $(eval '$(twitch $(channel) "{{status}}")' === 'live' ? '$(twitch $(channel) "{{displayName}} has been playing {{game}} for {{uptimeLength}}")' : ' ';)

It works only while you’re live, it displays your current game and your stream uptime.

I want the command to show how long I’ve been playing a certain game in livestream, if I’ve been live for 6 hours, but I’ve been in rocket league for 2 hours, I wanted the command to say “the user has been playing rocket league for 2 hours” I I know this is possible because I saw other streamers using this command.

Edit: Steam’s API doesn’t seem to offer the endpoint necessary for such command.

I’m not doubting this is possible, it likely is, but as I said:

Find the API they’re using and we’ll help you, I can’t tell you better than this.

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no one to help me? please ?

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