Full playlist not sourced for AutoDJ

Hey I posted about this before but got no response and it was locked. This problem has had a pretty decent impact on my stream so being able to fix it or just get an acknowledgement that this post has been seen would be awesome.

Essentially, AutoDJ does not actually source from the entire Playlist, it seems it sources mostly from the top/most recent 100 or so + a few random ones from other parts of the playlist. That means refreshing several times will produce similar songs being queued, and until the playlist is majorly updated, you’ll hear the same songs repeatedly.

just outta curiosity, do u have playback set to random/shuffle? also, y r u refreshing it? and y so much? (btw, i have no idea how to fix this, i’m just brainstorming… my questions r based on a card game i coded several years ago, obviously u want the game to give u random cards… well, my random number generator worked perfectly just once… every single time u started the program, it would pick the exact same cards… so it was a random order, but not exactly random… it would do fine if u stayed in the game and told it to play again, it would deal out a different hand… but the second hand was always the same second hand and the third hand was always the same third hand etc etc… so i know that random number generators can act funny AND that restarting it can reset where the generation begins… doesn’t mean that’s what’s happening here, but is y i’m asking, lol)

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