Font size stuck on Twitch default

I am not sure if this is a global issue right now, but yesterday my font size was reset back to the default and unable to change regardless of what I put into the font size box.

What I have done to try and troubleshoot the issue (all did not work, all done on Mac 10.15.4 on Google Chrome):

  1. Quit and reopen Chrome

  2. Power off computer and reboot

  3. Deleted my set value to it would return to default, pressed ok to save, and then reset my font size. I tried sizes 1, 10, 20, 30 as tests and nothing changed on each test, and I reloaded the page after I pressed ok to save each time although I know it usually updates after you press ok.

  4. Uninstall and reinstall the Chrome BTTV Extention reloading the page after the uninstall and reinstall

  5. Logged out and back into BTTV reloading the page after the logout and login

Any help would be appreciated as I use the font size to reduce my eye strain so not having it really sucks :cry:

Seems to have coincided with Twitch rolling out their new dashboard/layout.

This is fixed in version 7.2.79, which is released on all browsers except Chrome (pending review from their team, which can take a couple days).

@night Thanks for the info. As of this reply, the font size is now working correctly again so I am assuming that the patch was pushed to Chrome. Also on a side note, (I will search it up myself as well but I thought I would ask anyways) do you have any good links or resources for these twitch updates & releases?

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