Followers command not working

I use this command below in my own Twitch chat and it works fine for me, I’ve tested it several times tonight:
$(channel) has $(twitch $(channel) “{{followers}} Flight Crew Members”)
but when I added it to a channel I mod for as seen below:
$(channel) has $(twitch $(channel) “{{followers}} Lovely Cosmic Friends”)
it gives this error…
cosmic_goat_bear has Error: Unknown Error Occurred. If problem persists, please contact support.

I have parted the bot from the channel and reinvited it and he gets the same error… The streamer has ended and restarted the stream and still gets the same error.
Does anyone know why this is happening?

um, well… i’ve recently run into an issue with copy/paste changing the quotes into a different type of character that looks like quotes but isn’t recognized by nightbot… so my first suggestion would be to delete the quotes and put them back

Yes, I am aware of that ( " " ) bug, but I have typed it out without copy/paste and still get the same error from the command. I have deleted the command and totally recreated it from scratch but, its still giving the same error.

wow, yeah, that’s a head scratcher then

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