Follow up question to Custom Highlight Command

I have a follow up question to: Custom Highlight Command? aimed at @ehsankia I think, or @Aaron128l

Would it be possible to format it so that, instead of only the UPTIME time stamp, that it would link directly to the VOD time stamp instead?

Example, instead of outputting as:

  1. [May 4 | 10:01:26 pm | 01 hour, 08 minutes, 50 seconds ] [ Arrow to the knee ]

This would be absolutely amazing:

  1. [May 4 | 10:01:26 pm | ] [ Arrow to the knee ]

Thank you for your time :smiley:

Not natively, there’s need to be some customapi to get the id of the vod corresponding to the current stream.

No worries, thanks for answering :smiley:

If you’re just looking to get just the video ID or the whole URL for the most recent VOD, I was already working on an API for VOD since I just learned about the VOD API myself recently. You can see if my VODinfo API will do what you’re looking for, plus I share the source of all my APIs so you can rehost it and change anything to your own will.

Thank you for the suggestion, I can see that this could be handy as well if one doesn’t check the VODs immediately after a broadcast.

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