[fixed] BTTV not showing up in chat

BTTV is not showing up in chat, I can connect to CDN.
Console is showing some errors… see below
Locations from people I know having issues: Netherlands & Slovenia.

I’m from Austria and i have the same problem.

I’m on the East Coast of the US and am having this same issue. BTTV seems to work everywhere but chat. I don’t have the BTTV settings available for chat. Not seeing highlighted words, not seeing bttv emotes, etc.

Same problem in Germany. But when you go to the “chat options” you can popout the chat. BTTV is showing up there …

BetterTTV ‏@BetterTTV 4 min.ago:
We just pushed an update for BetterTTV to fix the incompatibility. Refresh/clear cache as necessary.

Works again :slight_smile:

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