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FFZ emotes not showing up properly

I’ve been using KapChat for almost a month now and I can’t figure out why BTTV emotes are showing up properly but FFZ emotes only show up as a missing png icons. Any help solving this would be much appreciated.Annotation 2020-03-29 072054

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Hiya, I cant replicate this issue, they seem to work fine for me. Are you experiencing the same on the Twitch website? Maybe some extension/firewall is blocking the images from the FFZ domain.

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Sorry for the slow reply my guy. In my Twitch chat the emotes work fine it’s only the on stream KapChat widget that doesn’t show them. What style of KapChat do you use? I use S0N0S’ 1080p Theme maybe that affects it?

Hmm the theme should not matter, thats just the styling. Testing an FFZ emote in your channel and using that theme also works fine here. So there must be something local, or in your streaming software that is blocking it.

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