FFZ conflicts with wide/flipped w!/v!/v! emotes. How can we get around it?

My regular Twitch experience is to use both FFZ and BTTV. I also use the BTTV add-on for FFZ, which may seem redundant, but if I don’t use it, then BTTV emotes don’t show up in my emote menu at all, because the emote picker is FFZ-controlled.

In my testing, I have found that having FFZ’s BTTV add-on toggled on makes the wide emotes and the flipped emotes not work.
“w! (bttv emote)” and “v! (bttv emote)” and “h! (bttv emote)”

So I call on the wisdom of the people here! Any ideas on a work-around to get these to work while still using FFZ?

Hey @afterglowampharos!

NightDev doesn’t make FrankerFaceZ, therefore there’s nothing we can do, the only solution you have is to reach out to FrankerFaceZ’s devs so they implement BetterTTV’s feature.

OK, I’ll try to find the person who develops the BetterTTV Emotes add-on for FFZ

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