[Feature Request] Post Twitch chat logs to Discord for archiving after a stream

The subject pretty much captures the details, but here’s a more fleshed out spec if you’d like it:

As a viewer, I engage in some pretty lengthy discussions about things in streams, both with the streamer and other viewers. It would be nice to subsequently have the option to review these messages weeks or months down the line.

Discord already offers the functionality one would need to archive and subsequently search Twitch chat, and most streamers have a Discord server they use for managing other things related to their Twitch channel. Therefore it seems natural to leverage these things that already exist and simply expand them a bit more to include this functionality.

New functionality that would need to be added includes, but is not limited to:

  • Functionality to split logs into 4k character posts (probably to the nearest newline before it) to adhere to the Discord character limit (uploading a log file directly would render it unsearchable)
  • Tracking logs per stream
  • Subscribing to Twitch’s OnStreamEnd functionality to receive notifications of when to upload the streams
  • Possibly some sort of retry functionality in the event of a delayed notification or in case of connection errors with Discord

Other functionality that could be added down the line:

  • Detection / filtering for spammy messages
  • Ability to selectively opt out of uploading a stream’s chat logs

I’m personally invested in this, so if you would be willing to add this to NightBot, I would appreciate it. I’ll probably write up a tiny Discord bot to handle it for me and the streams I monitor, at least. Doing it manually sucks lol

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