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Spoke briefly about this on the Nightdev Discord but was told this would be a better place to post as it’s easier to follow. With the release of the /announce (and it’s sister commands for differing colours) on March 31st/April 1st - is it possible that this functionality could be added to Nightbot to allow custom commands to utilize the announcement feature?

This will help chat to see those messages a lot easier especially when only leveraging the feature for useful commands, of course this is down to the channel manager’s of Nightbot custom commands.

Other than spam, I do not see any permanent damage this could cause, and for most channel’s it would be extremely useful.


Greetings, I would find this useful too; sponsor messages and things for cracking down on backseating or troublesome convos with nightbot being the one to do it would improve things.

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Hey @thundersn1per and @ShioraW!

It seems the issue was on Twitch’s side and has now been resolved.

Edit: my bad, I forgot that Nightbot prevents the usage of Twitch commands other than /me.

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Does not appear to be so, when trying to use /announce with Nightbot the message received from the custom command is as follows: “Server commands other than /me are blocked.” - Surely this is a Nightbot related issue? Especially since your link says Twitch have fixed this? Can be done by mods in the chat, just not Nightbot.

EDIT: Just re-read the context of your message, apologies, clearly you’ve also tried it haha fingers crossed the devs can incorporate this command as well.

EDIT 2: Nightbot now supports /announce

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