Feature Request: Add 'Mature' query to $(twitch) variable

Hi there!

The $(twitch …) variable retrieves a whole host of useful information about a stream, but cannot retrieve whether a currently live stream is flagged as mature or not. I want to use this in a couple commands, and haven’t found any other custom APIs that can get this information either–unless I were to make my own and query Twitch directly.

Since this information is available in the Twitch API (endpoint /streams, in ‘is_mature’), I can’t imagine this would be a difficult feature to add.


What’s the use case for needing this data?

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Speaking specifically, I mod for a streamer who’s currently doing a fundraiser for a children’s charity, but we have a few commands featuring profanity. These are perfectly appropriate for the usual streams to an Australian audience and marked as ‘mature’, but I’m looking for a way to toggle their output to a more child-friendly version for the current streams. Ideally, this would be based on whether the stream is marked 18+ or not, rather than updating them manually or just hoping they aren’t used during the month.

In the general case, I can see this being used on other streams similarly, where the age demographic can vary quite widely between different games.

Thanks for the response already, hope to hear more soon!

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Good suggestion for a temporary fix if the streamer is streaming under a different category than the usual you can make it based off of that.

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Hmm good suggestion for some cases, but here it’s the same category for both. I suppose with some JS magic I could switch it based on date instead though, for a 6-week period each year.

Hey @mmarss256!

That’s a possible workaround too, but since time moves around I don’t know how reliable it’ll be.
Using portions of the title could be another solution as well, so if the title always include something like [CHARITY] or [FUNDRAISER] during that time, you could check for the presence of such “marker” and prevent the commands from sending messages.


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