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Feature Request: Account Specific TwitchCast to avoid ads


I have been using twitch cast for a while and really like the service.

After a few hours of watching, I have just wondered that I randomly start to get “ad breaks,” and they don’t stop. Literally, 5-second ad breaks are like non-stop, and I have to go into twitch cast, stop the stream and restart it for the stream to come back.

Since I am subbed to most of the streams I watch, I wondered if you could do a service where we can link in our twitch account and cast both the chat and the stream using our twitch account, which would then mean that we don’t get any Ads. I hope I made this request clear.

Many thanks for considering my request.

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Apologies for the delay in response. TwitchCast is not a supported behavior of Twitch’s API, and as such we do not have the ability to generate video player tokens using authentication.

While we could ask users to specify their own Twitch credentials, that is not a great precedent to set.