False Duplicate Emote

Salutations! I’m currently uploading a batch of Pride emotes, but have run into an unexpected blockade.
I’m trying to upload:
But it’s being rejected as a duplicate of:

These are so terribly not the same. lol
I want my stream and discord to honor and welcome every pride flag.
Your assistance is appreciated.

Hey @desentrie!

Sorry about that, the automated system can make mistakes.
I’d suggest trying again, if the error message shows up again, there should be a way to request manual approval.
I tried forcing a duplicate error to see how, but it failed to identify it as such… So if the issue arise again, please take a screenshot so I can see what you see, and we’ll try to solve it together.

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I did try different emote codes as well and get the same result.

In order to reduce emote duplication spam and abuse we do implement a emote similarity filter. If detected you may need to modify your emote to be slightly different than the original linked.

I’m just really thrown that they have completely different color pallets, different number of stripes AND my heart is a softer curve all around compared to the opposing’s more traditional shape and they still are confused.
I’m worried any modification would make it look like 1) less representative of trans pride or 2) actually MORE similar. :confused:

Yeah, I’m not satisfied with that answer either, yet it’s the official one, and it seems like there’s no other option.

I’d have a button to report a false duplicate flag, but if everyone ends up spamming it, then what’s the point of the automated approval? Because it was implemented to reduce the load on emotes approvers. There could be repercussions for the people abusing it tho’, just like there is for people abusing the report system.

Here’s what I’m suggesting to try for now:

  1. click on View Original Emote
  2. if it’s clearly different than the one you’re trying to upload, then click on Report Emote
  3. select In the emote's image content, click Next
  4. select Something else, click Next
  5. explain your issue, upload the emote you can’t add to an image hosting service (such as Imgur for example) and share it with them so they can see it’s a false flag, and hopefully they can help
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Took this up. Now just have to wait an see how that goes. I’ll update either way. Thank you, @Emily. :green_heart:

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