Fake stewie2k streams

So me and the dev of another twitch bot (wont say its name since ive only just arrived here and i dont want to get into trouble) have been keeping an eye out for new channels appearing ,and the dev has changed the bot messages in the channels to warn people that they are in a scam channel. the idiot who is creating these fake stream has now switched to using nightbot, and i have no contact with any nightbot devs to be able to do something about it.

Is there any devs on here i could get help on to go into these channels, and do the same thing??


Nightbot is developed by @night only as far as I know, but what you’re asking won’t probably happen.
A chatbot has to stay neutral imo, even if the streamer is scamming, it’s to the people to understand what’s happening and be responsible for themselves.
Plus imagine the amount of work that’ll represent if the dev had to do it for every scamming channels, Nightbot is used everywhere by so many people, and you could always falsely judge people and harm them if they’re not actually scamming.
And finally, the bot isn’t responsible for the channel, if you really want to do something about it report the channel to Twitch/YouTube/Mixer (whichever service they’re streaming on) and they’ll investigate, instead of censuring someone yourself.

I would never use a service that is censoring people, except for very few exceptions when clearly explained why and if legitimate (ex: Cloudflare), or for breaking the TOS, I’ll tell you that, even if I don’t plan on doing anything harmful to anyone. The internet represents freedom of speech the best, it should stay this way, even tho’ there are plenty of people expressing thoughts I disagree with, if we start censoring people we’re taking a dangerous slippery slope. I have a few projects in development, and I don’t plan on preventing people I disagree with from using them. When you put a service online you have to detach yourself from it a little bit.

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