Exporting Text From Nightbot As Any Form of File

Hello there, I’m very new to coding in general, and especially bots, but a friend of mine is looking to create a particular bot purpose and I figured I’d start at the top of the bot food chain.

What she wants is to have Nightbot export its “!uptime” command text to a .txt file (or any legible text file format), so that she can track highlight-worthy moments without having to skim through a 6-10 hour stream VOD.

My questions are:

  1. Is it even possible for Nightbot to export files?
  2. Can Nightbot parse its own text and export it?
  3. If so, how?

Again, I’m very new to a lot of this, so you may have to break it down to me Barney Style, but any help is absolutely appreciated.


For something like this you could use something I made with use of a Custom API, see here.

Otherwise you shouldn’t really be using Nightbot for this as all information you need can be retrieved elsewhere through Twitch’s APIs.

I’m still new to using APIs and bots in Twitch, so I wasn’t sure where to look. I’ll keep an eye out, thanks.

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