Exclude Nightbot's timed messages from Chat to Speech

I activated the chat to speech in my PS5 to have the chat spoken to me when i’m playing psvr2. The issue is that it also announce the timed messages from nightbot. Is there any way to exclude them in the nightbot? Maybe someway to not appear in my chat (but to confirm it’s working on the mod chat) or smth like this

Hey @sabotaznic!

That’s not something NightDev/Nightbot can do anything about, contact the people who made the chat to speech feature and ask if there’s a way to blacklist a specific user’s message from the tool.

However, if the only reason you use timers is to make sure the bot is working, I’d advise removing the timers completely, it’s not useful: Nightbot rarely has issues, and when it does they rarely last longer than a few minutes.
You could have a command to check if the bot is still responding when you think there an issue tho’, if the bot responds then everything is fine, otherwise there may be some issue, I suggest a !ping command:

!addcom !ping pong!

First of all, I never said anything about having timers to make sure the bot is working. I have timed messages to display every 10 and 15 minutes. I wanted to see if there’s a way to send those messages only to the watchers, aka to not display them on my chat, so the chat to speech doesn’t read them loud. (but maybe see them on my mod chat, just to make sure they get sent out, if not, not a big deal)

And again, as I said i did all of these on Playstation 5, so the broadcast settings are very limited

Sorry I misunderstood your comment:

Nightdev isn’t responsible for how the chat works on streaming platforms, there’s no way for a message to be sent only to viewers without it being sent to the broadcaster as well. The only solution to your problem is if the people working on that Playstation 5 feature include a user blacklist.

Some tools, like Kapchat, allow to blacklist a user, but those tools are made to have a chat displayed in your broadcast, not for text-to-speech.

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