Exclude a channel from blacklisted words?


For some reason I cant post in BetterTTV category, so I try to ask here instead, and at the same time apologize for doing so.

I have a few blacklisted words on my list and it works like it should. However I want to exclude one channel from using and adapting to the list of blacklisted words.

As an example:
I want channel “A” to block the word “odds” and I want channel “B” to show the word “odds”.

Is there anyway to achieve this?

And again, sorry for posting in the wrong category.

Hey @jeppe!

BetterTTV support moved to GitHub.

But to answer you, yes, it’s possible to do what you want:

My advice: click on things, explore!
For example: click on Message next to the blacklisted word.

Hello Emily!

Thank you for responding, I will look it up on github and see if I can find any more information and tips.

Also thank you for answer.
I have explored this option that you are suggesting.
What happens in your example is that if I add a channel name there, then the word will exclusively be blocked on only that channel.
The issue for me then becomes that I will have to add about 70 different channels to every single word that I have on my blacklist (and in my case also the numbers number 0-9) which is about 35 words.
That would sum up to 2450 actions that I need to execute.

What I want to do instead is to “exclude” about 10 different channels from my entire list of blacklisted words.

I know the result will be the same, I was just hoping that there would be a solution with a little less effort. For example if it had said “disabled channels” instead of “enabled channels”.

Thank you for trying to help me anyways, appreciate it.

// Jeppe

Ah, I see, yeah, your issue is the opposite of what’s available, I didn’t understand that with your first message. On the GitHub you can suggest new features, you could ask for a “disabled channels,” but also for the option to have a general list of enabled and disabled channels that cover all your blacklisted words at once, so you don’t have to edit every word entry individually.