Error with Follow Command?

This is mainly a question for rtainc as I’m guessing it’s his servers… but I’m using

and I get the following error Nightbot: Dimmizer Has Been Following Dimmizer on Twitch for: [Response must be less than 400 characters].

Only just started happening recently… never had a problem before… I’ve noticed visiting the page seems CloudFlare can’t connect to the server so will it work once it’s all back online?

This is likely a better suited question for him directly on the thread here: Useful Custom APIs

But likely yes, if he keeps the customapi response the exact same then when his server is no longer having issues/is back up the customapi will continue working as it was before

I figured as much :D, Thanks for the answer mate.

No problem :slight_smile:

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Exactly, the server was having some temporary hardware issues but I’ve got it all back up and running again. You should have no problem using it as before. Sorry for the downtime!

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