[Error] The alias you set this command to be of does not exist

i have this problem " the alias you set this command to be of, !reklame, does not exist." , have deleted the timer but it still comes up with this , how do i remove it again ?

Hey @mazimogaming!

It says that your timer or command calls a command named !reklame as alias, remove it from the timer or the command that outputs this error.

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the problem with this is thats there i nothing i can choose on the list so its there any command i can use ?

What? I don’t understand.
An alias is supposed to be one of your commands, custom or default. You can’t call an alias command that doesn’t exists on your dashboard. That’s literally what the error says.
So either you have a timer that calls a command that doesn’t exist, or it’s a command that do it. Look through your commands and timers and remove the faulty alias. Or you can create the command it tells you doesn’t exists, that’ll fix the issue too.

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