Error: No Tracks Found

Every time I try to song request It always pulls up No Topics Found, Which is extremely annoying. Now I’m stuck with the stupid Monstercat track. Whatever you said was fixed wasn’t, at least on my end. PLEASE FIX!

Please don’t post on threads and then create your own thread(s) on the forums. Also making multiple posts won’t help you get a response any faster, it just creates spam.

Also if you want us to be able to help fix your problem (since other people are not experiencing it) you need to give us some information. It sounds like the playlist you have setup is empty, and so when you go to the autodj page it doesn’t have a song to play because your playlist is empty. Which would explain why the monstercat one works, but yours doesn’t.

My playlist along with songs requested is working fine:
Make sure that you don’t have the setting “limit to playlist” turned on, it looks like this

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