Error getting Xbox Gamertag with XBL Variable

I tried to setup this command in my channel that the majority of the viewers are from Xbox Live, every time we try to use the command the we get the error “error looking up gamertag”, tried with a lot of gamertags and same error appears; here in the forum have some thread with the same error, but they are closed and from years ago; if this feature works again it would be very useful for our community, Thanks

Hey @Jhony_Clovis!

Can you please make sure the command is set up properly — use the example in the documentation — and that the gamertags you’re testing are correct — they must exist and should use the proper format: username#NNNN? I don’t have access to a gamertag myself, so I rely on you.

Please provide screenshots so I can check you’ve done the tests properly.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll have the dev look if the API isn’t failing.

Of course @Emily , I already checked if the command is right, and was, I took some screenshots that show the error (Because I’m newbie user here, I can’t upload more than one image, so I put the screenshots together and just one image)

I see, thank you for all this, this is great; I’ll add this to the list of things the dev has to look at, it may take some time as right now the focus is on BetterTTV.

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