Error: Error reaching Twitch's API servers. Try again later

When running a shoutout command we are getting errors Error: Error reaching Twitch’s API servers. Try again later. in twitch chat please advise.


It does seem to be an issue with Nightbots connectivity to twitch.
Any command using a $(twitch variable for nightbot are hit and miss right now.

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Hey @malikite01 and @telsum!

Twitch’s chat servers seem to have ups and downs lately, which can result in response delays; if Twitch’s API—$(twitch)—is late to respond, the connection times out, which gives you the Twitch API error.

I have been searching for a way to fix this and this is the newest forum I found on this issue. Having this issue with all the channels I mod and my own. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

Only way to fix it is for Twitch to get their act together, so gotta be patient in the meantime.

Other bots using the same command structure are working fine it just seems to be nightbot.

I keep getting this error no other bots are giving this error

yes, I use 3 other bots and they’re not having this issue… Only Nightbot is giving me the API error - Try again later… I’m testing it now and Streamlabs desktop bot works, Streamelements bot works for shoutout commands but, I still get this error with Nightbot.

!game and !title commands in nightbot are also impacted by this issue.
Yes they also talk to twitch API, but I am interested in why it seems other bots are not impacted.

It’s been hit-and-miss here, too. I hope this gets fixed soon. Otherwise, I might just use Streamelements at some point.

Connections to Twitch’s cdn seem to sporadically be encountering higher latency. We’ve swapped to pooling these connections using keepalive, which seems to improve the error rate. Please let us know if you continue to see issues.


Thank you so much… I can confirm that at least mine is working again. :purple_heart:

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