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Hey everyone, I’m trying to set the regular expression on Nightbot spam filters to prevent any letters from the alphabet other than English from being passed into chat. I’m doing this to prevent hateful messages or spam being thrown around the chat.

So far I have discovered this…
~/([^A-Za-z0-9$@$!;()[]%'*?&#^-_. +])/

But I don’t know much about Regular Expressions.

Thank you.

Hey @MeanJoe!

Please use the search bar before opening a new topic, I already answered that question:

Here’s the exhaustive list of the characters that such RegEx will allow.

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Hey, Emily! Thank you for the response. I appreciate it! I’m currently having an issue where, despite the code working, I noticed that it doesn’t allow for emojis (Examples Emojipedia) to be posted. It’s the only thing I need to get Nightbot working correctly. What is the code for that?

Ah yes, emojis have their own unicode set… Someone asked about a solution on that same issue recently as well, but we couldn’t make it work, sorry.

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