Emotes still pending?

My emotes have been pending for almost 2 weeks help please

did urs ever get approved? they haven’t got to mine its been 6 days. really dissatisfied. glad i don’t pay them monthly.

Nope still pending review

Mine are still waiting too - nine days pending. Is there a current overload in the emote queue?

Hiya, sorry about that, there is a pretty long queue at the moment, we’re working on it. Thanks for your patience.

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Thanks @xgerhard. Since this seems to be a periodic thing, it’d be handy if there could be an automated thing that detects the queue length, and if it’s above some threshold, cautions people that the usual time may not be achievable.

How can you check if your emotes are still pending for approval? I don’t see that anywhere, but they still don’t appear in the BTTV extension…

Good thing I poked around first! Have some emotes revamped along with three new additions, and waiting on those.

Looks like there’s a queue, though! Most that could be done on this end at the moment is to cheer you guys on while you plow through that, so :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

Emotes still pending…

Just be patient and wait.

Currently waiting 8 days, longer than expected but waiting out to see how long it’s going to take. This is all free so we can’t complain, hopefully it’s not going to take too much longer? <3

“0-5 days”… (10+ btw) haHAA

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Emotes take anywhere from 0-5 business days typically, but can take longer depending on the queue’s size. Posting/spamming on this forum does not increase throughput of the queue, nor does it decrease your position on the queue.