Emotes Rejected - Frustrated with having to "appeal"

Hi 3ybx,
Your emote “bexM2” has been rejected. Here’s the reason an emote approver gave:
Emotes with text letters are not allowed. Use an entire word in one emote or no letters at all.
After you fix the problem(s) specified above, you can re-upload the fixed emote at BetterTTV. Please make sure that your emote upload obeys the rules listed on the right side of the upload page.
If you disagree with the rejection reason or feel we mistakenly rejected your emote, you can upload it again and make your case in the “Justification” box when uploading.
The BetterTTV Team

Seriously? The approver seems like he didn’t even research anything about the emote. In fact, I don’t think he even looked at the emote at all. The emote in question:


Yet you’ve approved low-effort emotes such as:

In fact, one of the more popular BetterTTV emotes is just plain text saying “NICE MEME”.

If the approver had even looked at the emote, he would have recognized it is a Hunter from the Left4Dead series being shoved (IE. M2’d or Mouse2’d) off a survivor. I had a few other streamers who were looking forward to this emote because they found it hilarious and definite Left4Dead meme material.

There was another emote as well that said “GG” and had the steam logo in it. This was rejected for having copywritten material in it. Except… how is this fake version that is intentionally different no better than the amount of pokemon/anime characters that are all copy written on the emote list?


Are you seriously telling me that the people who made those other emotes of pokemon or anime contacted japanese companies such as Nintendo to get their written consent to input their copy-paste imagery into your website? At least mine was made by hand, and made to look intentionally different.

Sorry I couldn’t put direct links, but your anti-spam features prevent me from posting images/links as I’m a new user.

Now I’m going to have to wait 3-4 whole days again just to get any kind of “review”. Your system is needlessly slow, and I’m honestly wondering if you intentionally have it that way to encourage users to buy 4.99/mo package. At the very least your system should allow an “appeal” process that lets people skip to the front of the line offering their rebuttle. We’ve already waiting over 72 hours.

Okay, so i just woke up and read this, but i am going to try and answer you anyways. Piece by piece, one at a time.

Emotes with text letters are not allowed. Use an entire word in one emote or no letters at all.

Literally all of the examples you gave (in the larger image that is expanded) are full words with one minor exception of xD which is a face using characters of text. None of those others break the rules, at all. The reason for the rule, in case you were curious, is because many people were abusing all the only text emotes as personal emotes to find ways to spell out vulgar words into twitch chat and turning it terrible. We were fine with them before hand, but sadly abuse made us have to change this.

Yet you’ve approved low-effort emotes such as

We honestly don’t care about effort if it follows the rules. Many bad emotes have been approved because they follow our rules and many good emotes have been denied because they have broken one or two, but at least then that person knows what to fix.

If the approver had even looked at the emote, he would have recognized it is a Hunter from the Left4Dead series being shoved (IE. M2’d or Mouse2’d)

so… its a smaller acronym of a word, being used to describe the full word? The one thing specifically stated is not allowed and that people should “Use an entire word in one emote or no letters at all.

This one i can understand, that SHOULD have been approved. The logo is not copy-written, it is a remake of. (To justify for my other emote approver, since i didn’t see these) When you are approving a bunch of emotes in batches you don’t have a lot of time to judge them, without specifically going out of my way to check the steam logo i may have thought it was just a duplicate from somewhere and so it is usually good to state stuff like that in the justification the first time.

Yes, this is very understandable. For most things that are copy-written in the gaming world we try to get them before any issue arises. But one issue with anime related stuff is that we don’t know what is copyrighted and what isn’t. Some stuff is hand drawn, some stuff is perfectly allowed by the creators, some stuff isn’t. This is why we have a DMCA process for any copy-written material to be taken down from the service. We try and catch most things before they occur, but it is twitch and even TWITCH allows these things in their emotes for the partners that they pay, so we also have to look at them.

I have to say that this really kind of irks me, even though i know it shouldn’t. We emote approvers are a small team of about 9 members. We all have lives, jobs, stuff that we worry about outside of BetterTTV emote approval. We do it because we love the service and we want to help out Night. Thats why we can go only guarantee 0-5 days for approval time. However we don’t treat users (pro or not) differently on approval. We do get to them faster, yes, as that is one of the perks of it. But there are sooo many factors that go into why it takes so long, but to say that we are purposefully ignoring and taking time so that people subscribe is just rather… hurtful to say the least. We do this for fun, we do it to help out, i am even bothering to respond to you because i just want you to understand some things about it all.

Honestly your rant had many flaws. You accused emotes of breaking the rules when they just blatantly weren’t however you yourself were, you are very accusatory at the approvers and the system, and you carry a tone that is not conducive of even making ANY situation good! If you have any other questions you can feel free to respond, if you have any suggestions to make the system better please let us know! BetterTTV is something we want to keep improving, but when you get rants of annoyance mixed in with some good ideas to improve it it makes it a bit tough.

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In general, no profane or obscene content. Emotes that are deemed “too lewd” will be denied. Emotes with just letters will likely be denied (only a few exceptions for popular acronyms/words).

This is the part I am getting at. First of all, the image in question is not only text letters. Second, the said acronym (M2) is very popular in my community. It’s used in pubs, pugs, tournaments, ect. Even the most popular tournament streamer has people in their chat saying “M2 spam!”. I should have probably used better emote examples such as the current ones approved:


Since they were better arguments for this. Perhaps “M2” is not as popular as the other acronyms since it applies to this game only but it’s pretty widely known even in other games where people refer to the mechanic as “M2” and never shove, melee, or deadstopped.

Furthermore, there is no way in hell I’ll be able to fit Mouse2 or Shove or Deadstop into the emote and it still be anywhere near legible (in chat 12x12) like it is now. It also wouldn’t have the very same flair to the (L4D2) community as it does because everyone refers to the mechanic as “M2”.

I’ll make sure to resubmit that then and put in the justification. I guess I can understand if you are approving/rejecting a couple dozen emotes you could possibly over look some things.

I was thoroughly upset last night, and still somewhat am because I have to go through the waiting period again. I won’t know until Monday if my emotes get approved or rejected again. I wasn’t aware how small the team was for BetterTTV, and just assumed as I’ve dealt with very bad companies in the past that intentionally give bad service and push their subscription options.

I’m going to resubmit the emotes again, with justification this time in hopes they both get approved. I guess for the future I’ll make sure to fill in the justification field just in case.

Emotes with just letters will likely be denied (only a few exceptions for popular acronyms/words).

We really should specify most of the exceptions we make, but going over the list you provided we allow MLG for being both the organization as well as common shorthand, RNG for the shorthand, Rekt because it is pretty much just the word, and GG because it is so common in the twitch community.

I’ll have a talk so we can more refine how we define acronym and shorthand for emotes. I do agree it would be very annoying to put the whole word there, but you could also just name the emote [channel prefix]M2 (or hell, because its a channel emote ‘Mouse2’ completely) and it would get the same idea across, yea? Personally i have never seen that shorthand used but im not a part of most of the communities where it would be used, but i also don’t see it being abused like the emotes that the rule was initially made for. The new-ish rules that came from personal emotes need some more refinement and we mostly haven’t touched them because they have worked up until this point just fine.

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:

Yea, its tough and we know that! Its really tough with the amount of emotes we get and the sometimes limited time we have to get through them all at a fast pace but also at a reliable pace. We have to worry about people duplicating sub emotes, using secondary accounts, breaking Twitch’s rules/ToS and our own.

I definitely think one think that would be nice to do is as you mentioned if an emote is rejected and reuploaded it should jump earlier into the queue, the only issue with that is that we get sooo many emotes where people don’t change a thing or add any more justification, but it would mean we are having to go through those people multiple times and not allowing us to get to others.

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I too am going through this similar frustrations. My emote has been denied a couple of times and 3ybx basically already typed out exactly how I’m feeling so that’s why I’m simply replying to this thread as opposed to making my own.

Emote in question:

The biggest thing that I want to highlight is as 3ybx stated, it is NOT just letters as there is a graphic alongside it and “KS” is a popular acronym in many communities for either Kill Steal or Kill Secured. I understand the need for the no single letters rule, however, it does not currently read correctly to what the rule actually is in the submit emote panel.

Thank you for this service and I appreciate the work you do in your spare time for us.

Rules are rules. The rules clearly state full words only. Acronyms can be used alongside other emotes to spell profanity and racial slurs, so we only allow a few exceptions.

  1. Content
    In general, no profane or obscene content. Emotes that are deemed “too lewd” will be denied. Emotes with just letters will likely be denied (only a few exceptions for popular acronyms/words). Multi-part emotes (sometimes referred to as “connected” emotes) can form a maximum of 2x2 emotes (2 horizontal, 2 vertical), and any larger configurations will be denied.

I’m not trying to cause problems here, but what the rules clearly state is that Emotes with just letters are the issue so ones like were brought up in the original post such as “GG” or “REKT” with no graphic or anything alongside of it. As I stated in my last post, I understand the need for the rule, but if you say you will take them on a case to case basis for popular terms/phrases, don’t just come in here with a “Rules are Rules” response, actually take the time to look at the emote in question and reply with what happens to be wrong with it. I’m not talking about all emotes, I’m talking about the one that was meant to be fun for my chat. I would greatly appreciate (even in an email or private message) a bit more detailed response than the two emote declined emails I’ve received as to the exact reason that GG or REKT are popular enough to make an exception for but KS is not.