Emotes not working with Nightbot on Twitch nor Discord

So prior to becoming an affiliate I changed my name so I wouldn’t deal with issues once I accepted the affiliate program with my emotes (and so the prefix would be the same as my username). After this I finally got my emotes approved and then gifted a sub to Nightbot. Everyone can use the emotes but Nightbot will only type it out instead of showing the emote (ex: will show demonp9POG instead of emote).

I’ve tried making Nightbot part the channel, unmodding Nightbot and redoing all of that but it still fails to recognize Nightbot as a subscriber and allow it to use emotes. How can I fix this and who do I contact?

Hey @demonpapijoey!

You gifted Nightbot a tier 1 subscription, therefore it can only use tier 1 emotes.

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