Emotes not uploading

I’m trying to upload some emotes but the uploading box comes up and it sits there for like a minute or two before disappearing and leaving the page as is/not appearing in my emotes list. It’s happening to a friend of mine too who asked me to try it also.

This should be fixed.

I guess thats is what happened to me as well, because after the box disappeared, I still dont see any of emotes

If you tried uploading during our site issues then you will need to reupload as your first upload was not successful.

when was your site having issues because I uploaded my emotes on 7/4/17

We were having issues on the date of the first post in this thread. If you didn’t see a success screen that means your emote was never uploaded.

Ok Tomorrow will be a week since I uploaded my last ones. I can try them again I guess, but what if I have the same issue? Do I have to wait another week after that?

The issue has been fixed, so it won’t happen next time you upload your emotes

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