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Emotes not showing on my stream (shared emotes not working)

Hello, I recently started streaming, and I feel like I enabled everything right for BTTV emotes, added the 15 emotes I’m allowed to share on my chat, but they won’t display, and I’m out of ideas here…
I have the extension, I can see all the emotes on people’s streams, but on my chat it won’t work. If I select the emotes from the emote menu (smiley icon), the emotes show, but if I type them it won’t. For example, in my shared emotes I have Sadge, if I type it, it won’t display. But I can type FeelsBadMan and it will display, i assume because it is from “BetterTTV Global Emotes”, and not from my shared emotes.

Hey @xinichi!

Unless your channel isn’t xinichi, from my end it doesn’t look like you have any BetterTTV emotes on your channel, make sure there are all approved.

do u have ffz extension as well? if so check and see if you have bttv extension enabled in ffz settings.

Actually, my twitch name is xinichi_ : www xinichi_

I did add the extension, doesn’t look like it works either. I took a screenshot of my shared Emotes next to my chat where you can see the emotes written and not displayed. I don’t feel like I can share it in this topic though…
Any more ideas ? I’m kinda lost here and it would really help my channel grow i think.

There aren’t any emotes associated to xinichi_:

So as I said earlier, make sure the emotes you uploaded at BetterTTV are approved.

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