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Emotes no longer working on any channels

Hi all,

New to the forums but I’ve checked existing posts and can’t seem to find any with a solution

My BTTV emotes suddenly stopped working after I ended my Pro subscription a few months back. They don’t show up in the emote menu basically, but they do show in chat when others use them. I thought it might be because I still had a bunch of emotes uploaded and shared, going over the standard limit of 15, so I got rid of them until I had 15/15 for both uploaded and shared. This didn’t solve it though

All the right settings are definitely turned on and I’ve tried just turning them off and on.
I’ve tried removing BTTV and even Chrome, doing a fresh install.
Since the issue started, I’ve even completely reinstalled Windows (I needed to for other reasons) and BTTV still doesn’t work, so what’s the deal? It’s worked for literally years until now, on several devices, but now it just doesn’t

It can be on any channel too, I can see FFZ emotes but not BTTV ones in the menu
Would appreciate any help


Make sure you are using the BetterTTV emote menu, which can be enabled with the “Emote Menu” setting in the BetterTTV settings.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile: this does solve the issue by using the BTTV emote menu

But thanks to your suggestion I realised I was using the FFZ emote menu (completely forgot that was a default thing when using FFZ). Checked the settings for it and the option to show BTTV emotes was disabled. Enabled it and it’s showing emotes again

Sorry for any confusion!

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