Emotes in Custom Commands

How do I include emotes in the custom commands I create on Nightbot. Specifically, what is the coding that I use? I’ve tried [mau5] (mau5) /mau5 :mau5: nothing works!

Hiya, what emotes are you referring to? Is mau5 a Twitch subscriber emote, if so, just use the emote code without anything around it, for example:
!commands add !test Kappa

But make sure Nightbot is subscribed to that channel, and double check the capitalisation of the emote code.

Nightbot had been set to moderate my twitch channel. The emote is just one of the regulars shown to use in the chat.

I’m trying to write a command for lurking and include and emote. Let’s say the kappa emote. How would I include that emote in my command? Here’s my command for !lurk

Lurking $(touser) my sentence here (this is where I want the emote to appear)

As you would in a normal chat message, just the emote code, without any extras, but remember Kappa is capital K.

!commands add !lurk Lurking $(touser) my sentence here Kappa

That was it! I was trying to enter a new command on Nightbot instead of adding the command on Twitch with the !commands code. TY!

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