Emotes icon disappeared

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So, since yesterday the icon of the emotes section has completely disappeared, it no longer appears next to the settings, I connected to the site, to the settings, but that does not change anything that the icon has disappeared , but when I write an emote like “Saved” it appears,
but hey it’s a bit annoying more not to have the emotes icon …

Thanks to those who will find the answer

i actually have the some problem … it would be awesome if someone could help

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i got the same issue

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same issue here, all other options area working though.
I read there was a similar problem related to some twitch users who were unknowingly testing a “beta” version of twitch, hope it’s not the same thing.

The exact same thing happened to me

Make sure you have the BetterTTV setting “Emote Menu” enabled in the BetterTTV settings. If you still have issues afterwards, then you may try clearing your cookies/cache to see if you can get out of whatever Twitch experiment is being run that breaks this feature. Unfortunately since we cannot reproduce it there’s nothing that can be done at this time.

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