Emotes accepted but not vivible

3 of 3 emotes have been accepted but I can’t find them in chat. Please help~
name is Vitalkienergy

They are live in your channel, use the BTTV emote menu to see which BTTV emotes are available:

Thanks for your reply…I’m in my channel now and although, for the first time, the emotes are categorized, still, the BTTV emotes aren’t showing. Do I have to sing in to BTTV for them to show? I am logged in to 2 computers and my phone, and I Still don’t see the emotes listed. Please help!

We’ve been performing server maintenance this day, and there may have been periods of emotes failing to load as a result. Are you still having issues?

Yes, still having problems. Before, I could at least see the settings page, but now even that doesn’t show up.

Hi – I still don’t see the emotes in my channel. Could it be that it’s because I changed my name from Paradisewantsusback to Vitalkienergy a few weeks ago? Otherwise , please let me know what else I can do to get the emotes to show. Thanks~~

Login at https://manage.betterttv.net with your new account and verify the emotes are uploaded for your new account.

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