Emote uploading issue


I just received three emotes from my artist, but when I go to upload the third one, it says “You can only upload 5 emotes per week. Come back next week”. I only have 3 emotes. Am i doing something wrong?

Every upload attempt counts against your quota for the week. You would need to wait a week before you can upload again.

Here is what happened. I uploaded my first emote called Donkey Dix. I had to check the button asking if I read the rule, which I did. I waited for a few minutes before it let me add my second emote called Blevins Rage. I checked yes again and waited. When I went to upload my 3rd emote (because i only have 3), I was told “You have reached your 5 allowed for this week”. Now Im no mathematician, but that was only 2.

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