Emote repeatedly rejected

So, basically my emote has been rejected twice now for the same reason (“emotes must have a transparent background”), and I just don’t get why. Here’s the emote in question: http://i.imgur.com/D6XyAqk.png

I know it doesn’t have a transparent background, but its a square emote. There’s hundreds of square emotes listed on BTTV available for sharing to your channel, and I don’t get why a square emote is being rejected for not being fully transparent. If it had a transparent background, it would just be the word “hype”. I didn’t give a justification the first time because I assumed it would be fine (transparency surely is only necessary when the emote in question isn’t square, as is suggested by every other square emote on BTTV right now), but the second time I did and it was still rejected.

Given that everything else is fine with it (its 112x112 and there’s obviously no copyright implications), can I get an actual answer for why it was rejected, or are square emotes not allowed despite the hundreds that are on BTTV already? It just seems really arbitrary.

Transparency is required to when the background isn’t important to the emote. Emotes that have backgrounds look sloppy thus why we require transparency. Of course you can have a square emote but no background can be associated to it.

In your case the background color gradient is completely unnecessary as it can simply be just text with an outline.

Hope this answers what your asking.

Thanks for the answer. Could you maybe make that more clear in the rules, since the rule suggests only that you’ll block emotes that aren’t square shaped and don’t have transparency, rather than basing the decision on whether you think the background is necessary at all (which seems kinda subjective tbh). Simply telling me its been rejected for a lack of transparent background certainly didn’t communicate that whatsoever.

In what cases would a background be considered to be necessary? I don’t want it to just be the word “hype” because that doesn’t seem especially hype-y, which is precisely why I made it with a background in the first place.

Edit: since I didn’t want to double post, this is why I added a background when I made it for my discord. Idk, I just felt like it needed one and looks kinda silly without. Is there any way I could change it that would let me keep the background for it? http://i.imgur.com/UzYJ8rj.png

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