Emote rejected help

Submitted 5 emotes didn’t have enough proof back with proof now but i can’t reupload since it says i already uploaded 5 emotes this week.

https://snag.gy/TCxL7p.jpg i have another screenshot but it says i can only post one image

Hope this is enough proof if not I can message the artist

Your emotes had been rejected due to the clear watermark present over the top of the image. Unfortunately in regards to the 5 uploads per week, you will have to wait until next week before you are able to upload again.

so i can’t use the emote because it has watermark even with artist proof?

In that situation, the emote would still likely be denied due to having text that is unreadable when scaled down to a smaller resolution.

ok, ill pm the artist and see if i can get the copies without that

Alright i have them without the watermark now :slight_smile:

You’ll still need to wait until next week to be able to upload the images again.

is it a full week from today? or does it reset on a certain day

It’s a full week from the first emote you uploaded.

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