Emote Menu is not showing up


a few days ago i used CCleaner. Now when i go to an Twitch Channel, i can see the emotes in Chat, but cant see the Emote-Menu when i go on the Chatfield, to use the Channel emotes. It was able to use them from there aswell. I still have the little Emote-menu at the bottom close to the Chat-Settings. But i dont like it, its always closing after i clicked one emote. It also dont matter if i enable FFZ or disable it. I reinstalled it a few times, closed chrome again and nearly tried it all. Can someone help me?

Just to clarify, the original twitch emote menu is not showing up? Does disabling BetterTTV make it show up? Also

you can use the ‘pin’ button near one of the corners of the menu to keep the menu open while you look at emotes, it can also be resized to not be fully in the way of the chat. It will close when you press the emote menu button again

The original emote menu, in side the field im typing is still there, but before i used ccleaner, i opened this emote menu, for the emotes of the channel. In this menu, i also saw the bttv and ffz emotes, the streamer added to the channel.
Now i only can see the bttv emotes the streamer added with the seperate Emote-menu from bttw, which is close to the chat-settings, but i want it back in the original emote menu.

is there a chance/way?

You may have used a different extension for that, since BetterTTV offers its own emote menu. You would need to research that elsewhere.

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