Emote limit and how to unlock it

apparently theres a limit to how many bttv emotes I can have on my channel, unless I pay a monthly fee, however I dont know what that fee is, and what the limit becomes after paying up, also is there any other way to unlock more slots?

Hey @planetjuke420!

You can have up to 15 emotes you upload for your channel, as well as 15 other emotes you can add from shared emotes, so a total of 30 emotes for free.

If you need more, BetterTTV Pro is $4.99/month, you go from 30 emotes slots to 100 (channel + shared emotes), and you get 5 extra emotes slots just for your personal use. And every month you stay subscribed you get 2 more channel emotes, 2 more shared emotes, and 1 more personal emote. The limit is 200 emotes slots (channel + shared emotes) and 25 personal emotes. You also get priority approval.

How do shared emotes work, and if I subscribe for two months in a row then unsubscribe after two months, will I always have 200 emotes, or will my slots get taken away after my subscription expires?

Shared emotes are emotes that are uploaded by other users who wish to share their emotes with everyone, so you can add them to your channel, but they’re not from your channel.

I don’t think you read my answer properly, you only get 2 channel and 2 shared emotes by extra month you subscribe, so if you subscribe for 1 month you have 50 channel emotes and 50 shared emotes, on the second month you’ll have 52 channel emotes and 52 shared emotes, on the third month you’ll get 54 channel emotes and 54 shared emotes, etc. up to 100 of each, so a total of 200 after 25 months of subscription.

If you unsubscribe, you don’t lose your emotes, but you can only use the 15 first channel emotes and the 15 first shared emotes, the others become unavailable until you subscribe again.

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