Emote has been rejected

Can someone tell me what it is wrong with this possible emote? Why can’t it be approved? Everytime I wanted to submit it was denied because it didn’t have a transparent background which in this particular emote wouldn’t be possible. Any ideas? BlurIcon_112x112

As stated in the reject message your emote has a visible background behind the text, it needs to be removed.

If I remove the background, the text would look kinda silly. The idea was to be both present on the emote, text and background so, can’t this be considered as an exception?

Unfortunately we aren’t able to make exceptions to the rules as everyone would then ask for exceptions.

The emote was intended to be ready for a streamer that will play at ESA, which at the same time Blur should have had more success than it actually had so would be a great tribute to such an underrated game.

I kinda understand the no exceptions policy but it feels bad to see old emotes badly made that actually bypassed the quality control just because it were no rules.

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