Emote Filter isn't working

The Nightbot Emote Filter wasn’t working for quite some time in a channel I’m moderating.

We tried basically anything, turning it off and on through Chat commands or the dashboard, same with changing all of the settings.

I’m currently clueless how to fix it, so if anyone has a possible solution it would be appreciated

Hey @Drag0nNOlife!

What type of emote is it failing to filter out? is it channels’ subscribers emotes, or third party extension emotes? A screenshot could help too.


Here, for example. (Right now we delete them manually).
The filter’s supposed to delete messages with more than 13 standard Twitch/Sub Emotes to reduce Spam a bit.

I see, and the messages you’re manually deleting only contain Twitch Sub Emotes, correct?
Can you make sure the Excess Emotes filter is enabled under Spam Protection? and that the limit is set to the desired amount (13 in your case)?
Also, make sure Nightbot is a moderator, type /mods in the chat and it should appear in the list.

Yes, the ones in the screenshot are Twitch Sub Emotes, either by the streamer herself or from other creators.
The Filter itself is enabled basically all the time, aside from a few tries turning it off and on again.
Same goes for the settings.

And Nightbot is a moderator, yes.

(Had to split it up, cause I’m a new user ^^")

I see; thank you for collecting all that data for me, I’ll let the dev know about this issue and hopefully it’ll be fixed shortly, but be prepared to wait for a bit because right now the focus is on BetterTTV.

Hi there, different mod from the same twitch channel here.
We have noticed that some messages containing too many emotes still got deleted/timeouted by Nightbot, so we tried to find out, why this was the case. Turns out with our current emote limit of 13, messages do not get deleted when they are containing more than 13 emotes, but rather when they are containing more than 13 different emotes. I’m not sure if this is intendet or not, but I think it used to work regardless of the number of different emotes used.

May I ask, if this is how the emote filter is supposed to work and if yes, how can you filter messages containing the same emotes over and over again?

Thanks for your help!

Hey @Intranebular!

Thank you for coming back with more details!
That makes a little bit more sense, though I agree, I’d expect the filter to work regardless if the emotes are identical or different.

Thanks for reporting. This should be fixed now.

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