Emote count command

is possible for nightbot to count how many times an emote has been used? For example
If I spam twitch’s BloodTrail 5 times it will say BloodTrail has been used 5 times instead of 1

You’d have to make every emote into its own command. Technically possible but not really practical.

So how will I do this ? I’m doing it with the BloodTrail emote only to see if it works

all I have is !addcom -cd=5 BloodTrail BloodTrail has been used $(count)

Hey @Tezi!

Yes, that’s how you’d go about it.
The one thing that isn’t clear in your command idea is how you want to count the emojis?
Right now your command will add 1 to the counter even if you send 5 emojis in one message:
BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail BloodTrail
Do you want the command to count 5 in that case?

Yes Emily I want it to count how many times I put BloodTrail emote doesn’t matter if it’s 2,3,5 or 10

There’s a way to do this with RegExp and an API to store the amount of emotes per messages and then add them all up when you want to know how many times the emotes have been used, but that would result in API spam and you would hit the limit of the ones that currently exist pretty fast, so that’s not viable, sorry.

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