Emote awaiting Review

Hello !

I’m using BTTV and uploaded some selfpainted emotes. Just one of these Emotes is in the Status of “awaiting Review” for some weeks now. Is there any Problem with the Emote? All the others get Auto approved. When will this Emote get approved too?

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Hiya, I doubt that there are emotes waiting for review for weeks… usually the approval time is 0-5 business days, depending on the queue size.

So what can I do if it takes longer than this 5 business days? I can wait until the next week, but if its not approved until next week, is there anything i can do, to get it approved?

I dont understand why this single emote needs to approved manually, while 5 others get auto approved?

@salinya mine has also been almost 6 days, i guess with everyone one off work/school they got bored and made emotes :stuck_out_tongue: Just have be patient i guess.

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