Emote already approved. I improved it slightly and now suddenly the emote is poorly trimmed?


So I originally created an emote " bulldogPls " a while back. It got approved with no questions.

It is now called “bulldogPlsOutdated” link: https://manage.betterttv.net/emotes/59d3d9618c22a247ead486ae

As most people use darker backgrounds I figured I’d change the matte (transparency blending) from white to black, and saturating the colours abit.

Here’s the result:

The 2nd one has been denied twice with minimal adjustments with the explanation “Emote is poorly trimmed. Clean up the edges of the emote.”

But the edges are the same as the one you’ve already approved? They’re just black now instead of white. So naturally it LOOKS edgier on white backgrounds.

I’d like a better explanation for why the emote already approved is now being rejected? Do you want me to remove the original one before adding the newer one?

Best Regards

I’m pretty sure it’s because the edges are not smooth, hence being called poorly trimmed. Perhaps you can smooth them out to make it look better?

Hi again,

Okay, I created a comparison so you can see for yourself.


You see that ugly white outline on the left one? The one with the cap clips the top of the emote?
Yeah, that one is already live on the servers.
The right one (the one with better background blending) is what I’m applying with.

So my question is again, why is the left one approved and the right one isn’t? I haven’t touched a pixel, I only changed the transparency blending from white to black.

I simply want to upgrade an already existing emote of mine, so I can remove the ugly one

I’ve fixed it myself. You can close the thread.

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