Embed and BetterTTV not working

Hey guys!

If I use the embbed everything by loading the Twitch embed JavaScript file (https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/embed/everything) BetterTTV is not enabled, but if I use the regular embed link it works fine. Anyone got a clue?

BetterTTV does operate in embeds, but the user must be logged in.

After loggin, on normal embed it works, on the one I described it does not work. The url generated from the code are also different

What is the exact embed they are generating? Do you have a working example?

I have in a private repo right now, but the one im talking about generates an embed-chat-container together with the video and the link of the generated js code is

“embed .twitch.tv?channel=LIRIK&migration=true&parent=something&theme=dark”

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I see. It’s likely because we do not allow loads from embed.twitch.tv. Can you open up an issue over at https://github.com/night/betterttv/issues so we can look into getting it supported?