Editing the !songs pause // !songs play textresults

so i would like to reduce the channel spam when i use !songs pause and !songs play

so creating an alias wont ork since that just keeps the original commands result
i just want it to reply with PAUSED when i do !songs pause

is this possible ?

I appreciate your time and effort to respond to my post :slight_smile:

Hey @7777bear7777!

I’m afraid this isn’t possible as of now, sorry.

When you create a command that has an alias, it forwards the output of the command to the alias, if you can edit the alias you can do pretty much anything, but in our case here, you can’t edit !songs, so you’re stuck with its output.

thnx for replying , tobad , nightbot is to floody-spammy when my streams get buzzy

any work around ? have some third party delte its post immediatly somehow ?

I guess you could try Twitch’s automod, double check it doesn’t unmod Nightbot.

If Kick has automods i would make a kick account

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